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Section 1 - Introduction
The development, publication and implementation of employee work rules and guidelines are an essential element in a successful loss control program. The adoption of written safety rules is not simply a demonstration of accomplishment, but an aid to department heads and supervisors. Written guidelines should be used as precisely that - guidelines for a minimum standard of safety performance that should be met or exceeded by departmental employees in all cases.

It is the responsibility of the department head or supervisor to ensure that all employees follow the guidelines. It is equally important that the supervisors follow work rules. Employees should never feel that the work rules are only for the workers and do not apply to managerial personnel. The attitude should never be "do as I say- not as I do." The work rules serve as a basic guide for the employee as to what is expected of him or her by management.

Development of an Employee Safety Handbook is an excellent project for both the Executive Safety Committee and, where present, Departmental Safety Committees. To the extent possible, employees (including union representatives) should be included in the process of developing work rules. The more involved employees are in the initial development of work rules and guidelines, the more likely they are to abide by them once they become official.

Contained in this document are samples of work rules and guidelines for municipal employees in general as well as for specific operating departments including Public Works, School, and Maintenance.  An entity may either develop a single handbook governing all departments and operations or a set of handbooks, one for each operating department.

This sample handbook should be used as a guideline for developing work rules and regulations for your own municipality or entity. Review the material carefully and make the necessary changes to reflect actual operations in your community. An effort has been made to include most departments contained within a municipal entity. However, not all possible operations or situations are covered in this sample document.

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