Town of Essex, Massachusetts, 01929
Yellow Dot Program
Yellow Dot Program

What Is It ?

The Yellow DOT Program is designed to provide first responders with an individual’s
medical information in the event of an emergency on roadways. The information can
mean the difference between life and death in the “Golden Hour” immediately following
a serious incident.

The Yellow Dot Program is used by civil service agencies across the nation and is
specifically used for people who are over the age of 65 or have a chronic illness that
could pose as life threatening. In conjunction with the Essex, MA Fire Department,
Philip Cicala a member of Manchester Boy Scout Troop 3 and Member of the
Manchester Essex Fire Explorer Post, will be implementing this program in the town of
Essex for his Eagle Scout Project.

*The Yellow Dot Program has been endorsed by AARP.

How Do I Enroll ?
Participants in the program will receive a Yellow DOT decal, a Yellow DOT folder, and a
medical information sheet.

The participant will complete the medical information sheet, which consists of their
emergency contact information, medical information, recent surgeries, hospital
preferences, current medications, insurance and physician information. A personalized
photo should also be taken and placed on the sheet. This information will be the sole
responsibility of the participant and should remain in the glove compartment inside the
yellow folder provided.

The Yellow DOT decal should be placed on the passenger side rear window of the

The information in the Yellow DOT folder is not kept by any agency or person and will
only be accessed by first responders in case of a roadway incident where emergency
medical attention is needed.

For more information or assistance in th program contact;