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Conomo Point Reference Index
Please click on the links below to view varioius key reference materials relative to Conomo Point.

Most Current Documents and Information:

Property Sales Update:  As of December 14, 2015, proceeds from the sale of 36 Southern Conomo Point Properties and 4 Beach Circle properties totaling $7,892,714 have been deposited.  Additional sales are expected.

(Conomo Point Commissioners' Plan related to Robbins Island Proposed Sales, Northern Conomo Point Leases, and Public Use and Access Areas)

(Master Plan for Improved Public Waterfront Access in the northern Section of the Point)

(Summarizes the Selectmen's overall goals for Conomo Point)

(The approved subdivision plan for a sub-section of the Central Conomo Point Zoning District - the Beach Circle neighborhood)

(A bulletized summary of Conomo Point history and current issues from the perspective of an interested citizen - Mr. Kenneth Riehl.  This document does not contitute the position or product of any Town board, commisison, or entity.)

(The Board of Selectmen sent a mailer to all residents concerning the various Conomo Point Town Meeting Articles)

(The mailer listed above included a color insert)

(A series of five map figures showing: an overall view of Conomo Point - the southern subdivision, the proposed central zoning district, and the northern area all together; a view of the proposed central district and the northern area; a view of just the proposed central district; and two separate pages each showing one half of the proposed central district.)

(Addresses questions that have been asked most frequently)

(Summarizes the steps necessary to achieve full DEP compliance and meet BOS goals)

Recent Documents and Information:

(Provides information on Federal septic system upgrade assistance - low income)

(The DEP's approved plan for complying with wastewater management)

(The official plan of the individual lots to be sold in the southern area)

(Link will bring up the Table of Contents for Chapter 44 - see Sections 7, 8, and 63)

(Letter of explanation to tenants regarding the Town's offering of Bridge Leases)

(Document that shows all of the different forms of Bridge Lease varying by occupancy rights)

(Opinion from Town Counsel regarding the vote required to authorize Bridge Leases)

(Helpful information for voters preceding 2011 Annual Town Meeting)

(Conomo Point Planning Committee's comprehensive assessment of Conomo Point issues)

(By-law for new southern zoning as proposed for 2011 Annual Town Meeting - approved at meeting)

(Opinion from Town Counsel regarding ownership of improvements on Conomo Point properties)      

(will take some time to download)

(Snapshot of southern subdivision plan during early stages)

(Taintor & Associates' preliminary plan for Northern Conomo Point)

(Taintor & Associates' narrative for northern planning)

Archived Documents and Information:

(A general history of events at Conomo Point)

(Settlement document related to two, ten-year leases, the second of which expired 12/31/2011)

(Court document related to two, ten-year leases, the second of which expired 12/31/2011)

(A record of a portion of the Annual Town Meeting from 1997)

(A past report of the Conomo Point Planning Committee)

(A record of a portion of the Annual Town Meeting from 1999)

(An opinion from a past Special Counsel regarding issues at Conomo Point)

(Consent order with the DEP, all of which has been complied with, excepting ongoing activity with respect to Conomo Point - see "Conomo Point Plan" in "Current Document" section, above)

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