Property Inspections Information

Notice of Town Wide Data Collection Beginning October 29, 2015
The Department of Revenue (DOR) mandates that all cities and towns physically inspect all properties at least every nine years. This is to ensure that the property data is correct in the computer-assisted mass appraisal system in order that values be calculated accurately. The collection and maintenance of current and accurate property inventory data is a critical element in determining uniform, fair market value. While the staff makes many property inspections during the year as a result of building permit activity and other changes to properties, including abatement requests, sales, and annual updates, some properties are not covered in these categories.
In order to meet the DOR’s requirement, beginning October 29, 2015, Patriot Properties ’ staff, on behalf of the Assessors, will conduct inspections for those properties that have not been visited within the last two years. The staff will begin with single family residences. They will have a town identification badge. Property owners will be asked for a complete interior and exterior inspection of your property. The Patriots Properties’ staff will not enter a building where a minor is alone, and they will not take interior photos. If a property owner is not home, an exterior inspection will be conducted and a notice will be left at the home asking the owner to contact the Assessor’s office to schedule an interior inspection.
The Board of Assessors wishes to thank Essex residents in advance for their support of this effort to improve the accuracy of their records by completing this part of our cyclical inspection program. If you have any questions, you can contact the office at (978) 768-7831, email us or stop by the office at 30 Martin Street.