Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations shall apply to the Cemetery:
  1. To be eligible to purchase a lot, you must be a resident or a former resident of Essex; or a proprietor of a business in Town and a real estate tax payer for a period of 20 years or more.
  2. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before any burial or other work (foundations, etc.) will take place.
  3. Foundations for each memorial stone shall be placed or supervised by the Cemetery Department and this at the expense of the owner.
  4. The height of each memorial stone placed on a lot shall not exceed four feet in height from the foundation: and said stone shall not be placed within fifteen inches from each boundary line. Only one such stone may be placed on each lot.
  5. Only conventional stones may be used. Statues and statuettes of any type are prohibited; also urns unless attached to the base of the monument.
  6. There shall be no interference with the funeral services at the time of interment by any administrators of the Cemetery. The said administrators shall continue their duties with reference to filling the grave after all mourners have departed.
  7. Identification of Lots must be maintained by the Cemetery Department.
  8. The landscaping of the Cemetery and its general appearance shall be the responsibility of the Cemetery Department, with the exception of shrubs that may be placed at either end of the monument.  These shrubs are to be cared for by the owner and in case of negligence, said shrubs may be removed by the Department of Public Works after due notice to owner. Flowers may be planted around the monument only. No other digging allowed. All headstones must be flush with the grade of the lot except where duplicate markers are required. No plantings are allowed in single grave sections.
  9. Fertilizing, liming, or mowing on any lot shall be the responsibility of the Cemetery Department. Raising of sunken graves and low areas in Lots shall also be the responsibility of the Cemetery Department.
  10. Flowers placed on the lot at the time of burial will be left on the grave for a period of three days.
  11. All memorial stones in single grave sections must be flush with the ground.
  12. The limit of burials allowed in a grave will be no more than three (3).