Emergency Preparedness

What is the MRC?

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is comprised of both medical and non-medical professionals that would be willing to assist their communities in the event of an emergency.
Volunteers are also invited to educational seminars, trainings, and preparedness activities. The types of volunteers we are seeking are as follows:

Physician Evaluators, Clinic Flow Directors, Vaccine Administrators, Vaccine Assistants, Float Staff Educators, Medical Screeners, Mental Health Counselors, Triage Nurses, Translators, Form Reviewers, Food Service Workers, Clean-up, and Administrative Staff to assist in identification verification, parking, data entry, and more. Visit here for more information!


Support your community • Have access to free trainings • Earn C.E.U.’s • Network • Build your resume

If called upon, you are not required to act. Your participation during an incident or drill is purely voluntary!

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Erin Kirchner Board of Health Administrator