Volunteer Information


The Essex Board of Health is compiling a database of both medical and non-medical professionals that would be willing to assist the Essex Board of Health help and protect you and your neighbors in the event of an infectious disease emergency or other emergency situation. Medical volunteers become members of North Shore-Cape Ann Emergency Preparedness Coalition MRC. Volunteers are needed for medical support as well as for traffic control, clean up, paperwork, cooking and any number of other duties. Everyone is able to help!

In the event of an infectious disease emergency, you and your family members, along with other first responders, will receive priority treatment in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Volunteers are also invited to educational seminars, trainings, and preparedness activities.

It is through your support that we will be able to provide for your family, friends, and neighbors in the most efficient manner possible.

Please consider becoming a volunteer! More information, as well as volunteer forms are available in the links above.