Programs & Services

The Board of Health offers the following services to the residents of Essex:

Thermometer DisposalThermometer

Bring your old mercury thermometer into our office and we will properly dispose of it, to reduce the release of mercury into our environment.

Syringe & Sharps DisposalBiohazard

For a $1 (one dollar) fee, we will give you a 1 quart sharps container,which may be used to store used syringes, lancets, or other sharp medical waste. When the container is full, or upon completion of use, you return this to our office for no additional fee. We will properly dispose of the container & contents.
For information on the proper handling and disposal of needles and syringes, click here.

Potassium Iodide (KI) TabletsPotassium Iodide Tablets

The BOH has Potassium Iodide (KI) tablets for distribution to those who live or work in Essex. In the event of a nuclear release the BOH or MA Department of Public Health may recommend that these tablets be taken. KI works to protect the body from thyroid cancer caused by a radiation release. This is accomplished by filling the thyroid with KI; thus preventing radioactive iodide from being absorbed in the thyroid. These tablets have a long shelf life and should not be used unless you are told to do so by the Board of Health or the MA Department of Public Health. Anyone with a thyroid issue or an allergy should discuss whether they can take these tablets with their physician.

Free Vaccination ClinicsVaccination

For children and adults, scheduled in the Autumn months. Please call the BOH in late summer for clinic dates.

Drug Disposal Days

Scheduled in conjunction with the Essex Police Department in the Spring &/or Autumn. This event allows residents and non-residents to properly dispose of unused pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical medications to prevent them from being misused or polluting our environment.