Local Rapid Recovery Grant Information

Local Rapid Recovery Planning is Underway

Manchester and Essex have recently been awarded Technical Assistance through the State Department of Housing and Community Development under its Local Rapid Recovery program to undertake a community planning process to help our business centers recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic. In their joint application each Town identified a core business center that they could engage with to gather data and identify a number of strategies the Towns could take to begin and sustain business recovery.  While the project focuses on those businesses within each town’s identified area, the strategies are likely to be applicable to businesses in other areas as well.

To guide the planning, each Town has identified town staff, board members and business representatives that will work closely with the project’s Consultants Dodson and Flinker.  This working group will be meeting with the Consultant next week to discuss the project scope, process, schedule and deliverables.

Business owners within Manchester’s downtown and Essex’s Downtown have taken an on-line survey as an early step in the planning process (please click here to see Essex results).  If you are a business owner in these areas have not yet been contacted by the Project Team, please contact Sue Brown, Town Planner in Manchester at browns@manchester.ma.us or Donna Roy, President of the Essex Merchants Association at dmroy60@gmail.com.   

In addition to the Business Survey, there will be a series of public meetings over the next few months to assure that all businesses and residents can be part of this community conversation to develop an actionable, project-based recovery plan tailored to the unique economic challenges and COVID-19 related impacts in the commercial centers of Essex and Manchester-by-the-Sea.