Revised (April 27) COVID-related Restrictions Relative to Visitation and Re-occupancy of Conomo Point

At a joint meeting held April 27, 2020, the Board of Health and the Board of Selectmen took the following actions (description is based upon DRAFT meeting minutes, which are subject to change):


I move, based on evolving data and circumstances concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, that the Board vote, effective immediately, to rescind its April 8, 2020 Emergency Order titled “Temporary Moratorium on Seasonal Occupancy at Conomo Point During State of Emergency Due to COVID-19,”; and that the Board authorize the Health Agent to work with the Conomo Point Association to issue guidance suggesting that any person who did not reside in Essex County between October 15, 2019 and April 8, 2020, self-quarantine on their premises for a period of fourteen (14) consecutive days from the date of their arrival at their Essex residence, or if any such person is diagnosed with COVID-19, such person shall remain in isolation until a public health authority (the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or your local Board of Health) states they may leave their home.


I move that the Board vote to reaffirm its April 8, 2020 order limiting access to public areas at Conomo Point and to amend such order by adding the following provision:  “Any person with an Essex mooring permit may park a motor vehicle in the Conomo Lane Parking lot for the purpose of accessing their mooring, subject to issuance of a vehicle and mooring specific parking permit that must be displayed at all times.”

Text of Original, April 8 Access Restriction Vote:

There followed a lengthy discussion period regarding who would be allowed to access the Point and when. Subsequently, both Boards agreed  on terms, and move that, effective immediately, and until May 4, 2020, or such other date that the Governor’s state-wide State of Emergency is extended to, the following emergency order shall be in effect for the entirety of Conomo Point, beginning at the junction of Conomo Point Road and Harlow Street:

1.  Conomo Point as described above is hereby to be closed to all parties except Essex residents, year-round Conomo Point residents, and guests of year-round Conomo Point residents, any Essex residents lawfully occupying property on Lufkin Point Road and/or Ralston Drive (and their invited guests), Gloucester commercial shellfish harvesters with a valid Gloucester shellfish license, and out-of-Town contractors working on projects with valid building or on-site wastewater disposal system permits issued on or before April 8, 2020; and

2.  Even for the above-permitted parties, all public areas at Conomo Point, including the small parking lot across from Front Beach, the large parking lot on Conomo Lane, the Conomo Point Park, Front Beach (excepting parking of resident commercial shellfish harvester vehicles), Clammers’ Beach, and roadside parking on any road (including the non-resident designated area along Conomo Point Road, except that Gloucester shellfish harvesters may park in that area) shall be closed and off-limits to all persons.  The ONLY exception shall be for parking in the small parking lot immediately adjacent to Clammers’ Beach and the small parking lot immediately across the street from Clammers’ Beach for persons permitted to be in the area pursuant to paragraph 1.  If available parking is full, a motorist must move along and attempt to return at some other time.

It was acknowledged that this order has the general effect of encouraging only moving vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic for most permitted people and their pets on all streets at Conomo Point, with proper social distancing, and, generally, with no other activities allowed during the pendency of the order. The motion was seconded by each Board. Chairman Pereen said that she, Chairman Pereen voted aye in favor; followed by Selectman Phippen, who said that he, Selectman Phippen, also voted aye in favor; and Selectman Spinney also said his name and that he voted in favor of the motion. Chairman Driscoll said the he, Dr. Driscoll, voted in favor, and BOH member, Alison Roderick, said, she, Alison Roderick, voted in favor of the motion.