2007 Open Space Plan

Essex Open Space Plan

The Essex Open Space Committee recently submitted and had approved by the State a revised Open Space Plan that describes how open space in Town could be acquired and managed in the future. The document is offered below in multiple parts: Cover; Introduction; Part A; Part B; Part C; Appendix; Matrix A; Matrix B; Map 1a; Map 2; Map 3; Map 4; Map 5; Map 6; Map A; Map B; Map C

Dedication, Table of Contents, & Acknowledgements
(PDF 460K)
Public and Non-Profit Parcels
Unprotected Parcels
Inventory of Privately Hel, Protected Parcels
Inventory of Public and Non-Profit Parcels
Existing Conditions and Future Land Use
Geology and Soils
Unique Features and Scenic Resources
Water Resources
Open Space
Action Plan Outcomes
Regional Context
Community Development Plan
Natural Resources Priority Sites

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