Census Information

The Town Clerk encourages all residents to complete and submit the yearly town census; census forms are sent to each household in Essex in January/February. This is an important task as most town programs require proof of Essex residency for enrollment and Emergency Response Personnel will know for whom they are looking in the event of a 911 call. See below for numeric data.

The yearly census (Annual Street Listing) is a Massachusetts legal requirement. Failure to respond to the census mailing shall result in removal from the Active Voting List and may result in removal from the Voter Registration rolls.

Residents should notify the Town Clerk's office in writing of any change of their primary residence location, within Essex or out of town. Please note that to remove a registered voter from the census, an original signature from the voter is required.

The Town Clerk's office publishes an annual Street List in April every year of those who have responded to the annual census. This Street List is available for purchase. To receive a current list of residents, you may file a Public Records Request with the Town Clerk.

Town-wide Census Data - Voters and Residents

(As of December 3, 2019)