Dog Licenses and Information


All dogs must be licensed by March 31st EACH year.

The Town of Essex Animal Control Bylaws require that all dogs 6 months or older wear a collar or similar device, be licensed and tagged. Failure to renew your dog license by March 31st will result in a fine of $15.00 in addition to the cost to the license.


Fees:         $15 for spayed or neutered dogs
                  $24 for intact males and females 
Late Fees: $15 after March 31st


Keeping 5 or more dogs, 3 months old or older, requires a Kennel License. Kennel Licenses must be renewed annually. The deadline to submit your application for a Kennel License is March 1st every year. Any new Kennels require a Public Hearing by the Board of Selerctmen.  Please refer to the Town's Animal Control Bylaw for more information.

How to Register your Dog

You can renew your dog registration online and check the rabies status that we have on file for your dog. Go to: CityHallSystems to register and pay online.  Your dog license will be mailed to you.

You can also register by mail. Please include the Dog Registration Form, your current rabies certificate (alternatively, you may contact the Town Clerk's office to verify if we have current rabies information for your dog already on file) and a check payable to the Town of Essex for the amount owed.

Roaming Dogs

The Town of Essex does not have a leash law and dogs are therefore alllowed to roam as long as they are not deemed a nusiance. Contact the Animal Control Officer to report a dog creating a nuisance.  Please also contact the Town Clerk's office or the Animal Control Officer for any dogs who may seem lost or otherwise in need of help. If the dog is licensed and wearing its tag, the owner can easily be determined.

Animal Control Officer - Warnings and Citations

The Animal Control Officer or any police officer may issue non criminal citations for unlicensed dogs, nuisance dogs and to owners who do not clean up their dog's poop outside of their own property among other violations.  Please refer to the Town's Bylaws for more information.

If noncriminal disposition is elected, then any person who violates any provision of the Bylaw shall be subject to the following penalties:  
First Offense:   Written Warning 
Second Offense:   $100 fine
Third and subsequent Offense: $300 fine  
Contact the Animal Control Officer at (978) 768-6363
Contact the Town Clerk's office at (978) 768-7111