Public Records & Technology Policy

Public records and the use of technology are inextricably linked in our modern age. As such, this policy covers both topics, simultaneously. It is the responsibility of all Town employees to read, understand, and follow this policy. In addition, employees are expected to exercise reasonable judgment in interpreting this policy and in making decisions about Town records and Town technology. Any person with questions regarding the application or meaning of this policy should seek clarification directly from their Department Head. If the Department Head is unclear about how to answer the question, he or she should seek guidance from the Town Administrator. Failure to observe this policy may subject individuals to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Accidents do happen and legitimate accidents generally shall not be considered violations. If an employee accidentally violates any aspect of this policy, it is incumbent upon them to report the accidental circumstances to their supervisor or the Town Administrator immediately. An accidental situation that is not reported immediately shall constitute a violation of this policy.

All Town Employees and new hires must acknowledge this policy by signing the receipt on the last page and submitting it to the Board of Selectmen.