Shellfish Permits and Resources

Clam Flat Closure Hotline: 978-768-3915

The Shellfish Constable has a hotline which details the current status of the flats for clamming. Please check the status of the flats before heading out!

Permit Information

2021 Permit Applications will be accepted beginning January 4, 2021

Please see the Essex Clamming, Sea Worm and Eel Regulations for detailed information regarding the application process, eligibility requirements, permit fees and other regulations. 

Essex Residents may apply for a Commercial or Recreational Clamming, Sea Worm or Eel permit.

Commercial Permits: Annual Commercial Permit applications must be submitted by the first Monday in March and require a rigourous review by the Town Clerk and approval by the Board of Selectmen - please refer to the Regulations for more details.

Recreational Permits: Recreational permits can be issued either annually or daily. Proof of residency may be required if you are new to Town.

Non Residents are restricted to recreational shellfish permits only and can be issued either annually or daily. Non Resident Annual Permits must be submitted to the Town Clerk no later than the first Monday in March in order to be considered by the Board of Selectmen.  Both non resident annual and daily permit applicants must be sponsored by an Essex resident and all applications MUST be submitted with original signatures by the Essex sponsor.

Please note: The Board of Selectmen unanimously voted at their meeting on August 14, 2017 to open the winter flats every year on January 15th and to close the winter flats every year on April 15th at midnight; not withstanding, the Selectmen reserve their right to change their decision in the future should conditions warrant.

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