Treasurer / Collector

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Treasurer / Tax Collector’s Office is to provide secure and accurate collection of all taxes, excises, betterments and special assessments committed to us by the Assessors.
We are accountable for receipt and investment of all Town Revenue and custodian of all additional funds including stabilization funds, trust funds and tax title accounts.
We coordinate adequate funds to cover current obligations. We administer funds on behalf of the Town to insure all Town Meeting requirements, such as payment on bonds, notes, payroll, and warrants are paid in a timely manner.
We are the Town's Payroll Benefits Coordinator, and coordinate payroll benefits with eligible employees.

We are liaison to vendors for group health, retirement, dental, union, and life insurance.
Our goal is to serve our residents and colleagues in a professional and courteous manner.
Jeffrey Soulard, Treasurer / Collector

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jeffrey Soulard Treasurer / Collector
Dorothy Elwell Treasurer / Collector's Clerk